Goodbye trip photos – 4

28 06 2009

I’ve put a bunch of photos on Flickr, but thought I’d share a few here. Previous posts showed the first stages of the trip

After the ferry and a night in Tamale we headed to the pottery workshop in Sirigu
Sirigu Women's Organisation of Pottery & Art

Then on to the traditionally decorated church in Navrongo
Navrongo Cathedral

The next day we spent the morning in Bolga market
Bolga Market Donkeys

Followed by a “spot crawl” in the evening

No photos of the time I spent in Tamale, nor of the chaos of Kumasi but a few of Lake Bosumtwi (or Bosumtwe depending)
Lake Bosumtwe Bridgr

Where they can’t fish from boats
Lake Bosumtwe Plank fishing




2 responses

29 06 2009
Damien Moran

The pics are well taken Tim. I just finished my project at Edwenase Rehabilitation Centre in Kumasi and glad that I managed to tie up all loose ends. There were many, given the fact that out of 5 volunteers who started last October, only 2 survived to the very end. One fell to malaria-related home-sickness; another got booted out for misbehaviour; the last one was very often absent anyhow and to cap it all off left early. Meaning all reports, budgets, etc. were left to my girlfriend and I to deal with. I know what you mean when you write about seemingly anti-climatic endings that end up being quite fun. We are both happy with our contributions here and personally I feel my previous experiences as a worker, volunteer and traveller paid off a lot. I wish you all the best back at home and hope you find work in the ‘field’ in England in order to continue what you contributed to at ISODEC. All the best and let me know if you ever visit Warsaw as you’ll have a place to stay and a tour guide.

29 06 2009
Tim Little

Thanks Damien, congratulations on making it through to the end too.

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