Goodbye travels (part 1)

10 06 2009

The thing that has struck the most about our travels is just how much there is to do and see in Southern Ghana.  So far we’ve spent a few days acclimatizing in Accra (and visited Mekola market, Osu, James town, sat on La beach as well as meeting various other volunteers).

From Accra we travelled to Cape Co. Cape Coast and its sister town of Elmina are little gems with hideous pasts. Each has a stunning colonial castle, shining white perched on palm fringed shores that were the scenes of the industrialised evil of the slave trade, 10s of millions suffering immense cruelty and injustice that resulted in most of their deaths and exile and slavery for those that survived. Both castles are well worth visiting and Cape Coast and Elmina have various hidden treasures scattered around that reward the intrepid explorer.

Outside Cape Coast is Kakum national park. This is a fantastic place that offers a walkway though the rainforest canopy, 45m high in places with stunning views. We stayed in the nearby Hans Cottage Botel I’m still not sure what a botel is). This is great with tame crocodiles that can be stroked and a huge variety of bird life incude a huge colony of bright yellow weaver birds (the males build an elaborate nest that the female destroys if it isn’t up to scratch) as well as kingfishers and other avian delights.

From Hans Cottage Botel we traveled to Koforidua, where my friend Richard lives. This is a lovely little town nestling in jungle covered hills. Yesterday we went to Ghana’s original cocoa plantation and a great botanical gardens in Aburi. Today was spent visiting local waterfals and walking in the countryside.

Reasonable weather and travel so far. Tomorrow we’re off to the Volta Region coast. I’ll post photos when I get a chance.




One response

11 06 2009
Cathy Griffiths

Thanks for sharing your experiences, your honest and open reflections have not only made me chuckle or indeed laugh out loud but have also provided a real flavour (also a foody) of what to expect. I am due to begin my two year placement in Tamale in Sept 09, with VSO.

Should you have the time an essential items list would be great! I too love books and am having real difficulty in making a final selection of which ones to bring along, are there any bookshare schemes that you know of in Tamale?

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