Tim’s leaving Tamale

30 05 2009

Yesterday was my last day with ISODEC, tomorrow morning I’m heading down to Accra to start a 4 week trip exploring a bit more of Ghana. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to describe my last week and a half as a volunteer as well as my travels. Right now I ought to be packing instead of sitting in an internet cafe.




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9 06 2009
Brandy Lellou

Dear Tim, I recently discovered your blog while searching for a volunteer in Ghana that could gather some information for us during the rainy season. Last year a student from the village of Sandu (near Tamale) won our 2008 World Water Day International Poster Contest. As an award his village had the opportunity to implement a water resource project. We have been working with the Tuma Kavi Development Association in Tamale to coordinate the design of the project and we have now secured funding for a project to recharge ground water by building earthen structures to harvest rain water. However, we are missing some much needed data before Tuma Kavi can proceed. We need to do a couple infiltration tests, visual observations and rough maps showing were water pools during the rainy season. I know you’re at the end of your service but could you recommend someone near Tamale that could help us gather this data. Sounds like your really enjoying your PC experience. I was a volunteer from 1999-2001 in Mauritania, West Africa.

June 9, 2009 3:45

22 05 2010
The practice is over « The Fat Worm

[…] I’ve enjoyed both, very different, placements and when I look back to the terrified individual stammering in front of a class of year 8s back in October I’ve come on massively in just a few months. It doesn’t seem real that less than a year ago I was still in Ghana. […]

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