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3 05 2009

I’m into my last month as a VSO volunteer and have been blogging about the experience for nearly 2 years. In an attempt to analyse my experience I’m writing a few bits for myself (on aid and on my experience) but I’m not sure whether I’ll publish them.

In the mean time do any of my loyal (or disloyal) readers have any pressing questions they’d like to ask? They could be about volunteering in general, me or anything else you want to know within reason, decency  and the limits of the libel laws.




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5 05 2009

I’m going to be volunteering with VSO in Walewale Ghana and have just discovered your blog. Any advice?

6 05 2009

Now that you’re at the end of your time in Ghana, how do you think you have changed over the past couple of years as a result of your experiences?

6 05 2009
Tim Little

Raquel – I’ve emailed you

Ellen – I’ll ponder and post later.

12 05 2009

I’ve got a totally practical question: I’m an American graduate student and will be doing a fellowship in Tamale from mid-June to mid-August. Do you have any advice on the safest and most accessible areas of Tamale to look for housing? What would you consider reasonable rent for a simple, but safe place? (I’m a former Peace Corps volunteer and don’t mind skimping on luxuries.)

13 05 2009
Tim Little


You’ve chosen the wettest time of year to visit – I hope you enjoy yourself.

I’m not sure there are any really unsafe areas in Tamale. Earlier in the year there were a spate of robberies targetted at whites in the Choggu/Agric area but there were cases elsewhere too. On the whole Tamale is fairly safe and crime is evenly distributed.

Tamale sprawls a bit and you’ll probably need to rely on taxis where-ever you stay so find somewhere close one of the man roads (Bolga road, Hospital Road, Kaopolim rd or Hospital road). I live near Karmina which is about 9km from the town center but don’t find it too bad.

I’m afraid I can’t help you with cost – VSO pays my rent.

I hope you enjoy Tamale

13 05 2009
Life changing? « Tim in Tamale

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