Naming an NGO

28 04 2009

Sign ForestThere are roughly 15 million NGOs based along the 7 or 8 kilometres from the centre of town to my house (I haven’t actually counted them so I might be exaggerating slightly). I know this from the profusion of signs along the road pointing to the locations of these various organisations, and they all seem to have very similar names, I reckon that if I selected 3 or 4 random words from the standard set and I think I’d have a believable organisation. Unscientifically I’d say the vast majority of the organisations have at least one of these words:

Alliance, Northern Ghana, Network, Coalition, Integrated, Development, Social, Community, Co-operative, Development, Women, Youth, Health, Education, Organisation, Rural, Action, Rights or Children




2 responses

29 04 2009

Maybe it does exist a manual for naming NGOs, as there is a lot for naming babies :P

29 04 2009
Tim Little

Anathema – it wouldn’t surprise me. Not sure much would surprise me now in the NGO world

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