10 things I’ll miss

11 04 2009

10 things about Ghana I’ll miss when I’m gone

  1. Grinning kids shouting “Hello” and waving
  2. Sheep and goats wandering around freely
  3. Everyday politeness and kindness
  4. Food: Spicy goat kebabs, wagachee & red-red
  5. The company of other volunteers
  6. Not being so bound by rules and regulations
  7. The chaotic vibrancy
  8. The sense of space & light
  9. Bright colours and clothes
  10. Sunshine



7 responses

13 04 2009

I’ll miss all except for # 2 and # 8!

13 04 2009

opps …its rather # 4 and # 8! :=) I’d definitely miss all the goats crossing pedestrians and stopping cars better than the traffic light!

15 04 2009
Tim Little

Flora – #8 – You’ll be going back to a bright, spacious Phillipines, I have the prospect of dull, grey, overcrowded UK

18 04 2009

I still miss all of those things, but most of the all the warmth, of the people and the climate.

5 05 2009

what about the stary sky??

6 05 2009
Tim Little

Raquel, Yes – I’ll miss the starry sky, although since they put street lighting down my road it’s less impressive, plus it’s the rainy season here at the moment.

27 12 2009
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[…] time in Ghana ended in June but there are things I still miss. At this time of year I’m pining for the heat and sunshine. Last week I went to an exhibition of […]

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