A majestic storm

2 04 2009

Gathering stormLast night I watched a storm creeping towards me. It was a spectacular sight, starting as a white, anvil shaped, cloud about the size of my fist. Over the course of the evening the cloud grew, with almost continuous flashes highlighting different facets of its mother-of-pearl like texture. Occasionally a jagged white line scarred the surface for a moment. As the cloud got large I started to hear the occasional rumble of thunder. Finally, after several hours, all of the stars had been obscured and the first large drops of rain began to fall. It took 30 minutes or so for the rain to really get going, giving me (and friends) time to get home from the restaurant we’d been in, and I tried to go to sleep to the roar of a tropical storm on a tin roof and almost continuous thunder and lightening. Once I did get to sleep I was woken up by an immense flash and simultaneous crash of thunder – I have no idea where was hit, but I suspect the radio mast opposite. This morning the rain had reduced to a gentle drizzle and now all that’s left are dark, brooding clouds.

It wasn’t the first storm of the season, or even the most destructive. There was a storm a few weeks ago that was preceded by a massive dust storm that left tree branches, road signs and small shacks scattered around. What was impressive about last night’s storm was the sheer majestic elegance of the build up, an unworldly light show that I will remember for a log time, and an aspect of Ghana I’ll miss.

[Photo taken last year, doesn’t do justice but the best I have]




2 responses

2 04 2009
Dr Photo


Grab yourself the Canon Firmware hack for your camera:

and shoot some storms in RAW – then get a demo copy of Photomatix and try out a few HDRs – spice those clouds up!

3 04 2009
Tim Little

Have to admit that I’m not a big fan of HDR in general, it tends to make the photo look over processed and artifcial unless done really well

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