ID Cards

22 03 2009

Scholarship RecipientI spent two days last week photographing school children. Photography wasn’t in my original placement description, but we’re expected to be “flexible and adaptable” and my colleague Jonathan was eager that the scholars we support should be issued ID cards to deter impersonation. Exactly how we’d produce the cards was a problem he wasn’t concerning himself with, he had a rather worrying confidence trust in my ability to solve it. As a result Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in schools in Bongo with the scholars being measured for their uniforms and then “snapped” by me. On Thursday I had to devise a way to get about 400 photos onto ID the correct ID cards with relevant information. Fortunately we knew the order we’d “snapped” so could rename all the photos with the appropriate student name (a task I delegated) and I had already included in my database design a link to the scholar’s picture. Using this I created an MS Access report that contained the student’s name, date of birth and school as well as the photo, with a black border. Printed out it looks fairly official.

School kids




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