Food voyeurism

11 03 2009

SausagesThanks to the internet (when it’s working) I can sit at work and titilate myself by secretly looking at pictures of lovely British food while listening to Radio 4. Sadly food voyeurism can’t truly satisfy my cravings but sometimes it’s the best you can get.




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17 03 2009

What is the Ghanaian food just not cutting it for you? This is my first time reading your blog and thought I would leave you a comment. If you go to my website and read my About page you will learn more about me and my history with Ghana. But I have lived there twice and dearly miss it. I am enjoying getting a view back into it through your blog.


17 03 2009
Tim Little


I like Ghanaian food, but sometimes I get cravings for what I can’t get (usually bacon or proper beer but sometimes cheese)

My thoughts on local food:

Hope you like the blog

25 03 2009
Tony Smith (Bolga)

Oh Tim, I’m sorry but for the past four weeks I’ve been enjoying wonderful British food, with a week’s trip to Italy in-between to enjoy wonderful Calabrian meals. However, I’m back in Bolga on 30th March and will probably meet up with you in Hotline Spot very soon for a Gulder and plate of jolloff!

25 03 2009
Tim Little

A Club maybe, but the jollof sounds good. See you soon

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