Morris Men and Moss Side

2 03 2009

I went into a London bookshop over Christmas, OK, I went into several but on this occasion I saw a book of photographs of Africa. Curious, I picked it up and flicked through. What struck me was that almost all the photographs of Africans were one of two types; either the “ethnic curiosity” (Masai warriors or Fulani tribesmen) or abject poverty. It was as if a book of photos of England just showed either Morris Men or Moss Side. Both exist but aren’t the whole story. It would have been nice to have seen everyday photos like the bustle of a local market or the exuberance of a church service.

Kumasi MarketMarket stalls




4 responses

2 03 2009

Nice shots of Moss Side. How about some Morris Men?

2 03 2009
Tim Little
2 03 2009
Celeste Jeter

Well, how about you? You have great photos, and you’ve been journalling your experience………

5 03 2009
Tim Little

Thanks Celeste, I appreciate the complement. I’d quite like to write up a bit of my experience but my point is more about the general representation of Africa in the media – it’s either disasters or picturesque.

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