19 02 2009

I’ve been a busy little regional rep over the last week or so. On Thursday there was the 6 monthly meeting in Accra with the reps from the other regions and VSO staff to discuss volunteer’s issues, so 13 hours on a bus Wednesday and 13 hours back again Saturday (with Friday shopping – huge amounts of money sent in the new bookshop in the mall of Accra). I also got to meet the newly arrived volunteers – only 4 this time but 3 of them headed to Tamale.

But that wasn’t the end of my tasks. Unfortunately I spent Tuesday afternoon in the police station and queuing in the bank. I must stress these two were completely unrelated, sadly one of the new volunteers had his laptop stolen by motorcyclists (near where I was robbed) so I had to accompany him so that we both reported the robbery. The bank trip was because there are two short term volunteers staying in my house and the best way VSO can find to pay their allowance is via my bank account.

Tuesday evening was spent at a meal I’d organised for a visiting ex-VSO who had taught in Tamale in the 60’s. This was a great success but unfortunately on Tuesday night there was some political violence in Tamale; one person was shot dead and Wednesday morning several houses were burnt down. This meant I had to make sure all the volunteers in Tamale (and VSO Ghana) were aware of what was going on. In fact between sending out an email warning about the thefts and texting everyone about the fighting I feel like a proper little Cassandra, and to be honest I’m not sure where the line between sensible warnings and panic mongering lies. Saying that I’ve been told Tamale is now out of bounds to the Peace Corps.




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6 03 2009

exactly when are you getting to the northern part of ghana especially Tamale.

6 03 2009
Tim Little

Koodwoo – I’m there now. I’ve lived here for over a year

27 12 2009
Six months on « The Fat Worm

[…] ex-pats’ swimming pool at 5am during a tropical thunderstorm seems like another planet, being a volunteer rep another existence. My month long tour of Ghana was a joy and an honour, and it was wonderful to be […]

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