A snatched bag

4 02 2009

Last night I was robbed, and I don’t mean metaphorically. I was cycling home after a very pleasant evening celebrating one of my new housemate’s birthday when a motorbike came passed me, the passenger leant over and grabbed my bag from the basket of my bike. As I yelled “Stop! Thief!” they sped off into the night carrying away my dirty cycling clothes, my reading book, a torch and, most annoyingly, my house keys.

The day hadn’t started well either, as I was sitting on my bed putting my shoes on with my bag ready to go behind me I realised that I was even damper than I usually am in the heat. Standing up I discovered that the top had come off my 1.5L water bottle in my bag and the contents were now distributed over the bed, in my bag and soaked into the shorts I use when I cycle to work. Fortunately my change of work clothes were dry (hooray for plastic bags after all) and the big advantage of the current weather is that a wet bum is actually a cooling advantage, and nothing stays wet for long anyway.

In some ways yesterday was a series of small mercies, it turned out that I’d left my office key at work so I was able to get in this morning, I’d decided not to change back into my cycling gear so my wallet etc were in my trousers, I now have housemates so I was able to get into the house, we have a spare padlock so in effect we changed the lock immediately and I discovered this morning that I hadn’t lost my bank card, I’d been too messy yesterday morning and had accidentally left it on my table at home. It seems that laziness and absent mindedness sometimes work to your advantage.




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4 02 2009

Eek. Sorry oh. Thats awful. I should prob. start being more careful. eek

4 02 2009

So this might be a new thing in northern Ghana. I heard that the same thing happened to a lady on a moto riding on my road last week. Some guys on a moto came past and snatched her bag. Apparently she gave chase, there was a crash, and they all ended up in hospital. According to the Bolga grapevine, one of the guys has since died, but the lady is ok.

4 02 2009

Glad to hear you came out unscathed and also to come across your blog. If you are coming to Kumasi let me know and we can meet up. I hasve been based here for the past 3 months at the Dept. of Social Welfare’s vocational trainign centre for people with disabilities in Edwenase Rehabilitation Centre. I ‘ll be here until August.

I guess I am lucky I don’t have a carrier!

6 02 2009

Oh, no – Dean told me. Glad you are OK though, Tim.
Your clothes could usually stand up on there own so, you never know, they might may their own way back to you.

6 02 2009
Tim Little

Thanks for comments everyone.
Steve – if you’re suggesting I wouldn’t need a bloodhound to track the scent you’re probably right. I’d worn the clothes to cycle to and from work several times.

18 02 2009

Hi Tim, have been reading your blog a lot over the last few days. I’ll be heading out to Tamale in a month or so to volunteer (for 6 months)- would be great to meet up for a drink when I’m there. I’ve found your blog very useful and pretty entertaining/interesting too.

All the best and thanks bro

19 02 2009
Tim Little

David: glad you liked it. I’m always up for a drink so let me know when you get here

27 12 2009
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[…] This year doesn’t feel like 12 months so much as 12 years. It feels like a lifetime since I was robbed cycling back from Vicky’s birthday drinks at TICCS. The evening I ended up fully clothed in some […]

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