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31 01 2009

Please forgive me that this blog has become a little “Tim” obsessed in the last couple of posts but I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about what I do next since my trip back to Blighty. When I originally came to Ghana I didn’t intended my time here to be much more than a “sabbatical”, with me returning to the IT industry in some form. Now I’m not so sure. I reread the reasons I gave on the “About me” page of this blog for being here:

Partly because I want to work for an organisation whose values I share, although I accept I didn’t need to go to Ghana for that. Partly because I want to be able to feel that I’m doing a job with meaning and value. Partly because I want to be able to feel that I’ve done more with my skills and training than help make rich people richer. Partly I want to see and experience more of the world. Partly I was bored and wanted a challenge. Partly because I don’t want to look back on my life and think ‘if only…’ or ‘I wish I had …’.”

And I do feel I’ve achieved a lot of that, but I don’t need to give those things up by going back to England. I’m not sure that becoming a business analyst for some anonymous corporation meets any of them. The more I think about it the more I come around to the idea of becoming a teacher. My younger brother responded to my “Whither Tim” blog post (which I had to email him as China blocks my blog) and made some interesting points:

Personally, I think the maddest thing you can do now is make a safety first decision; go to a safe job that earns the wage that guarantees a slight pay rise in old age, but focuses your life on something intrinsically dissatisfying, that weekend diversions cannot mask.”

He went on suggest teaching as a profession that is satisfying in itself and allows time to explore other, creative, aspects of my persona. I have no idea of whether I’ll be any good, or even if I’ll be accepted onto a training course but it feels like the right thing to do so I’ll give it a go.




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31 01 2009

Tim – I’ve got a couple of friends who are teachers – one of which made a big career change to retrain as a teacher. sounded like it was hard work but she’s qualified now and loves it – no regrets whatsoever. If you want me to put you in touch with them I’m sure they’d be more than happy to give you the lowdown on PGCEs, training and life as a teacher. Just say the word! Vxx

31 01 2009

That’s quite a meditation you got there…’teaching’ may not be a lucrative job but everyone agrees its the ..” lowest paid but nobleist profession in the world”. I got into this job not by choice but by chance…’it was the only chance given to me at that time so I can study in the university that my family could afford’…but once I got into it…I started to actually love it….the question of ‘money’ or ‘fulfillment’ will always be there even with the fact that I am already doing a very fulfilling job. Between teaching Maths in Ghana where I don’t get money…or teaching Maths in the US, Singapore, Arab States…where the demand and pay is higher…was not an easy choice to do when I decided to join VSO…between…going home to get a PhD and extending for 12 more months was even a harder thing to do…so I’m very sure you’ll get through. You GOT what it takes to be a GOOD IT teacher/trainer…remember teaching skill always gets better with time and determination…so my advice is…get a GO at it …you got nothing to lose but hopefully much to gain!…cheerios!

3 02 2009
Tim Little

Thanks guys

8 11 2009
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