Whither Tim?

22 01 2009

[Note the ‘h’ in whither so it means “where are you going?” and not “shrivel up”]

Way back in my interview for VSO they asked me what I planned on doing afterwards. In all honesty I didn’t really expect to be accepted so spun a bit of a line about looking for a job as an IT manager somewhere. They accepted me.

I’ll be finishing with ISODEC in June (I guess the end of June) so ought to start thinking about what I’ll actually be doing “after VSO”. I know this is still six months away but some of the options require a bit of planning/application. Plus things ain’t what they used to be and neither am I after nearly two years in West Africa.

The most sensible set of career choices is to stay with what I claim to know and stick to IT. This could include

1) Trying to get back into programming, even if this means doing VBA stuff. I suspect I’m too old to go back to proper programming and have been out of it too long
2) Keep to my interview idea and run a small company’s IT department
3) Train as a business/systems analyst and do that (my favourite of this bunch as it involves talking to people and writing stuff)
4) Work in IT support, either as an engineer or a manager
5) Go into IT training, although I’m not sure how much this appeals

Alternatively I could try to further my career prospects (and give the economy a bit of time to pick up) by studying full time for an MSc in something IT or management related, perhaps even Manchester’s ICT for Development masters which would (perhaps) complete the circle, although I’ve said before that I’m not sure that I want to work in international development. If I do stick to IT I probably will study but part time seems more likely.

And then there are the more radical ideas. Some of my fantasies if you like, starting with the idea of putting the whole work thing off for a bit longer and doing some more travelling, perhaps exploring and blogging about Britain. Alternatively I could take a complete career shift, perhaps get my PGCE and go into teaching or open the bookshop I’ve always talked about (or import and sell Ghanaian crafts etc). Sadly I suspect that opening a shop would be a way to lose massive amounts of money while getting frustrated and bored.

Finally, if there’s a nice publisher type person reading this who’d like to give me lots of money (ok some will do) to spend next year writing please let me know.

Any thoughts or suggestions?




5 responses

22 01 2009

i say writing (of some description) all the way! at least you have some ideas, i’m feeling deeply uninspired with this whole jobhunting malarkey at the mo! Vxx

22 01 2009

Tim – get on twitter and start getting in touch with publishers! e.g. http://www.twitter.com/chriswebb – he’s a publisher at Wiley….always interested in the new and the different!

TweetingTamale has a certain ring about it…!

23 01 2009
Tim Little

Thanks for the votes of confidence both of you. I’m a little worried that writing for a living would take some of my joy away and not provide much of a living, but I have signed up to twitter now

23 01 2009
Tim Little

Verity – why not use the oppurtunity to do something exciting and different?

18 08 2009
Why Teach? « The Fat Worm

[…] I was in Ghana I pondered about my future after VSO and wrote a blog post discussing my dilemma and my various options. I mostly listed various ways of getting back into IT, […]

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