11 12 2008

Converting Cedis back to pounds is a real beginners’ mistake for newly arrived volunteers. Sixty pence for a beer? Next round’s on me boys! Back in Blighty I’m reversing the error. Ten Ghana Cedi for a glass of wine? Are you insane? I could get a meal with beers in Tamale for less than that! Shopping (and eating out) has proved to be a bit of an experience. The range of choice is great. The quality is fantastic. The prices, sadly, are unbelievable. I am buying stuff, lots of stuff, but I’m also not buying things. As this is a holiday and I do have savings I’m forcing myself to splash out a bit.

Actually when it comes to food and booze I don’t need a lot of self force, and if I’m not careful the 15kg (about 30lbs) that I’ve lost since I was last in England will be back via sausage rolls, curries, cheese and beer; not to mention bacon. Nice, shop made, sandwiches are a temptation, pies and pasties make me drool. Wondering around Brighton and London is a constant temptation. The other temptation I’ve succumbed to are bookshops. If I’m not careful I’ll go over my 46kg luggage allowance just with books. Plus I’m buying all the little bits and pieces I feel I need – new ear plugs, a bicycle pump, reflective band to wear cycling, universal sink plug and various other bits. In fact I’ve been in as many camping or cycling shops as I have bookshops. It feels like Christmas has come early (but only a few weeks early).




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16 12 2008
Sara Woodcock

Hi Tim

I was reading your blog and found it really interesting.

VSO has just launched it’s own online community where you can chat to other VSO volunteers and supporters. If you haven’t already you can register at:

I thought other volunteers would be interested in reading your blog and you might like to post a link to it in the blogs discussion area of the VSO online community:


26 12 2008
Tim Little

Thanks Sarah, I’ve added my blog to the list

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