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7 12 2008

It took 15 hours to get from Bolga to Accra, but 6 to fly to London. In fact I probably spent longer in airports than in the air, especially as the major delay of  the trip wasn’t in Ghana but when we landed in Heathrow – it took 45 minutes for BA to find a set of steps that actually worked so we could get off.

Possibly the thing I’ve enjoyed the most after one day (apart from seeing family again) is the pure luxury of a hot shower. Cooked breakfast was great, a comfortable trip in a well maintained car over good roads was pleasant, Sunday roast wonderful but still the pure pleasure of hot water cascading over my body was best. Perhaps the thing that surprises me most is how quiet and tranquil Sussex is. After a year of loud spots and vocal wildlife Newhaven seems almost silent. To my surprise the crisp cold weather seems quite pleasant, wrapping up in jumper, coat and scarf seems nostalgic. I suspect  I’ll moan when it starts drizzling.

And now I have a month rushing around seeing people, shopping, sightseeing, being a tourist and spending time with my family. Hopefully I’ll see quite a few people on Thursday and Friday next week.




2 responses

7 12 2008

Hey Tim,
Hope that you are enjoying your vacation. I’m going to keep an eye on the elections — wish I was there. All the best

8 12 2008
Tim Little

Thanks Keith, it would have been interesting to be there for the elections, but I’m being here is good too, and I’m keeping an eye on them. I’ll try to blog about them when the results are declared

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