On evacuation, boredom and terror

2 12 2008

With the election looming on Sunday VSO have recommended that we avoid Tamale during the election period. This is probably an over reaction, but apparently that was the advice from VSO London. As a result I’ve been living in Bolga for the last week or so, looking forward to my trip home. I really don’t think there’ll be any trouble but if there is a dispute Tamale is one of the places where violence might occur, so it seems sensible to take a few precautions before the event rather than when it’s too late. I think a scare in Cameroon last year, the chaos in Kenya in January and fighting currently in Nigeria has made them a little jumpy.

Actually, due to the lead up to Christmas, plus my colleagues having to monitor activities in the field and attend workshops I’ve had very little work to do for the last few weeks. When I first arrived here it really worried me when I wasn’t active. The idea of just sitting around chatting or doing your own thing went against my work ethic. It still feels a little frustrating but I’m beginning to adjust, and to understand that the western addiction to activity isn’t the same as efficiency, so if there isn’t much to be done then finding empty activities is as meaningless as sitting enjoying the peace.

On completely unrelated but sadder note I noticed that unfortunately my photos of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel (where I stayed Jan 2007) got lots of views for grim reasons. My thoughts and sympathy are with everyone affected by the evil actions in Mumbai.

Lastly I’m starting to get really excited by my impending trip home. I’m travelling to Accra tomorrow and flying Friday night. I hope that everyone going to the Ceilidh on the 12th have bought their tickets and everyone is invited to Via Fosse in Canary Wharf on Thursday 11th. I’m starting to plan what I need to bring back to Ghana with me




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2 12 2008
Tim Little

An interesting article on Ghana’s election: http://www.africafiles.org/article.asp?ID=19490

6 12 2008

I like your blog friend…
its so beautiful…!

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