13 11 2008

The Ghanaian army parked themselves outside my house last night. It might not actually have been the entire army but there was a nasty looking armoured vehicle with a big gun and soldiers with AK47s lolling around looking threatening. Not a military coup and I’m not viewed as such a dangerous renegade that they need the army to arrest me, but instead the four main presidential candidates were having a televised debate in a conference hall less than half a km from my house and the cordon was put at the end of my road.

I listened to the debate on the radio and was impressed by the intelligent comments being made. I came away with the impression that whoever wins will be a good president. The level of interest in politics here is refreshing, with people rushing home from work early to see the 3 hour debate from the beginning and there were groups of people huddled around shared TVs in the street watching.

The worst thing about hosting the four main presidential candidates (not that they actually stayed at my house) is their supporters. Tamale has been filled with hordes of idiotic motor bikers zooming around in their respective party colours, clogging the roads, ignoring the rules and generally driving in such a mad way as to be a threat to everyone else on the road.




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