Advance notice

11 11 2008

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it at all, but I’ll be visiting cold, grey, rainy England from hot, cheerful, sunny Ghana over Christmas. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to meet some of my avid readers while I’m there (as well as family and other grudging readers).

At the moment my plan is to spend a few days after I arrive in Sussex and then head up to the big smoke around Wednesday 10th Dec. On Thursday(11th) evening I’ll be having a quiet pint or two with friends in Canary Wharf and then patronising the natives by taking part in local dancing on Friday (12th) night. If you’re around please feel free to join me (but buy tickets for the Ceilidh before they sell out). I may try to experience some of the local culture on Saturday, perhaps there may be some form of museum or local theatre available.

Hopefully I’ll get to Lewes, Brighton, Cambridge, Bristol and Tunbridge Wells in the few weeks I’m in Blighty so please let me know if you want to meet me.

I’m actually quite excited about my exotic holiday.




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