9 11 2008

Last night I hosted my first party here in Ghana, or at least Fred and I did. Parties seem to be a fairly big thing at the moment, last weekend I was at a Halloween partying Bolga and next weekend it’s Tony’s birthday (again in Bolga). Typically the Ghanaian’s were bang on time but the VSO volunteers turned up 2 hours late.
My party included a big shared meal with dishes from various countries, apple bobbing, musical chairs, sparklers and various other party games as well as popcorn and prawn crackers courtesy of the Filipinos. Most attendees don’t drink alcohol so the atmosphere was a little different to the previous week’s affair (where most did, but also included apple bobbing as well carved melon jack-o-lanterns) but both were great fun. I’ve put photos of both on flickr and a few are here.
Musical Chairs
Apple bobbing
Melon carving




3 responses

9 11 2008

The first pic is excellent :). And the crocodile is surreal :P

10 11 2008

Sorry I missed this!

11 11 2008
Tim Little

Kim – I’m sorry too, you’d have enjoyed yourself

Anathema – Thanks, I liked the photos. There is an explanation for the crocodile but to long to give here.

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