10 things that make me nervous about going home

24 10 2008

10 things that make me nervous about going home for Christmas

1. I’ll get knocked over because I looked the wrong way crossing the road
2. I’ll get beaten up for using the Ghanaian hiss (tss) to get a barman’s attention
3. I’ll get odd looks for calling a waitress “sister” (or waiter “brother”)
4. People will think I’m mad for saying good morning to everyone on the street
5. Shopkeepers will think I’m mad when I ask them how they are before saying what I want
6. I’ll urinate in the garden to save water
7. I won’t cope with the climate
8. I’ll get fined for not wearing a seatbelt
9. I’ll add the Ghanaian “A’har” to every sentence
10. I’ll get fat(ter) again




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24 10 2008

The weather is worrying me too… it’s already -4 C in Deep River where my parents live and they already got the first snow… so Dec is going to be freezing!!!! Otherwise I think the only thing I’m worried about is giving people hell when they do thoughtless wasteful things. :D

24 10 2008

Hello there!

This is amusing!

I have another one to add to the list.

You will bring a plastic bag of water to work with you instead of putting it in a thermos or water bottle!


28 10 2008

Don’t worry Tim! Hot water bottles, blankets and jumpers are at the ready! Feel free to urinate in the garden – it will keep Lily company!! Come with us for a walk with Lily and you will soon realise that respectible dog walkers all say “good morning” to one another. The seatbelt alarm in my car will soon remind you to put it on!! We’ll make sure you don’t get fatter – no-one can afford much at the moment!! Hope some of this helps relieve some of your concerns!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

30 10 2008
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30 10 2008

1. I’ll get knocked over because I looked the wrong way crossing the road <– Hehehehehe

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