An international week

20 10 2008

I’m now officially sharing my house. After a year of living alone VSO have moved another volunteer into one of my spare bedrooms. While it’s going to be odd Fred arrived at the same time as me and has become a good friend, so it’s better than having a complete stranger move in.

To celebrate Fred’s arrival, as well a visit by out friend Didika, we decided to have a Kenyan meal on Friday night. Didika has travelled extensively in East Africa and missed the food so with the help of another Kenyan volunteer who lives close by we had a meal of Kenyan chapattis with various delicious stews. Photos in the previous blog

But that meal was just part of what turned out to be a very international week. It started last Sunday with my Canadian friends cooking Fred and I a meal that included Canadian pancakes and Pakistani pakooras (Saira is originally from Pakistan). The next night Fred and I celebrated the US holiday of Columbus day with Peace Corp Kim and on Tuesday our Israeli VSO friend Didika arrived. To cap it off we went to Bolga Saturday to celebrate a Karen’s (a Dutch VSO) birthday. Fred went also took the opportunity to go to the leaving lunch of another Kenyan VSO and an American VSO’s wedding while in Bolga.

Overall it was a reminder of just how international the volunteering community here is, especially VSO.

[This was meant to have gone with the photos in the last post – sorry]




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