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10 09 2008

A little while back I pondered on whether I should leave Ghana after a year or stay on a bit longer. The overwhelming opinion from my friends back home was that they were eager for me to stay out of the UK as long as I could. Oddly not all of my friends in Ghana agreed.

Anyway, I pondered and discussed and chatted to the program officers in VSO Ghana and have decided to sort of fudge it. At the moment my plan is to not change anything until at least next March. I think ISODEC will be happy about this. Actually I got the impression that ISODEC and VSO are happy letting me get on stay as long as I want, so I’ll bumble along doing much the same for a bit and come home next summer. I plan on popping back to England for a visit over the Christmas break for 3 or 4 weeks – when ISODEC shuts down. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see a reasonable number of people and maybe even get to a ceilidh!

In other bits and pieces about my life, I’m now the volunteer rep for the Northern Region. This means I’ll be heading down to Accra next week for a meeting of all the regional reps and feeding back information to the volunteers here. Actually we’re down to about 8 volunteers in the Northern region at the moment, and 6 of those will be gone in the next few months so the choice was between me and Fred, who didn’t seem to be interested.

Last week I went along to yet another VSO workshop here in Tamale about a new monitoring mechanism being put in place for DFID. I’m supposed to meet with another NGO called NNED to establish a “baseline”. NNED is where my friend Dean worked, her placement ended early so I’ll be interested to see what VSO plan on doing going forward.

As well as all this VSO stuff I’m giving a 2 day workshop Thursday and Friday this week (i.e tomorrow and the day after). I’m supposed to be preparing presentations on Word and Excel instead of typing this, so sorry for the rushed approach. I will admit I’m a bit scared as I’m teaching about 20 people, I’ve no recent experience of training and I don’t know what level they’re at.  Hopefully I’ll be back to Bolga soon to work on the database – something I do know about.




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11 09 2008

Great plans! Hope I can say the same for myself. Anyway, Good luck in your training. I’m sure it will be great. By, the way, I have just had some talk with the Principal of TATCO about the next VSO volunteer to come to TATCO. We agreed that the college need help in the ICT Department as there are currently only 2 tutors available. I wonder if you might be interested in the placement. I believe, it would be more beneficial for VSO to choose an already existing volunteer than to look for a new one. I already created the placement documentation and I can forward it to you if you’re interested.

13 09 2008

Tim. How are you? I was with VSO in Ghana on a short term placement from January to June in Accra. We met once during Callback in Tamale.

I stumbled across your latest post and I’m interested about the ‘baseline’ that you are doing with NNED. In Ghana I was working on a project where I made recommendations on how Ghanaian NGOs could become more accountable to their ‘beneficiaries’. NNED was one of the organizations that I interviewed and this idea of a ‘baseline’ was a recommendation that I made to VSO at the end of the project. Wondering if you know whether your directive to establish this baseline has anything to do with the project I was working on. I’d be appreciative if you could let me know. Hope all’s well. Cheers.

15 09 2008
ingiltere dil okulu

I am not surprısıng to anything. But thanks..

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