1 09 2008

Sign ForestOne of the things you notice on the main road out of Tamale is the profusion of signs for a wide variety of things. Lots are for NGOs of various shapes and sizes, quite a few are for hotels and restaurants, either nearby or on the other side of town – sometimes for establishments that closed down long ago, and some are for spots, schools and colleges. Each is hand painted (or at least stencilled) and every time I return to Tamale after being away I spot new ones at the junctions I pass by. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one taken down.

AbstainOne of the signs fairly close to where I live is for the anti-aids abstinence campaign, and I think shows an interesting side to Ghanaian culture. The main thrust of the campaign is to encourage women to abstain from extra-martial sex. Now I don’t have any issue with abstinence (although studies suggest abstinence campaigns aren’t very effective) but the emphasis here is only on the abstinence of women. There seems to be an attitude here amongst both men and women that it’s the responsibility of women to guard sexual morality as men are incapable of controlling their own urges and actions and cannot be held responsible for those actions. As a man I find that insulting.




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1 09 2008

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1 09 2008

Yes, it’s true, it’s discriminating, but if you come to think about it, when you say “Man POWER” you automatically make an association with what?. Yeap.

Sorry bout my english, it’s getting rustier with the years :)

See ya!

2 09 2008
Tim Little

Your English is fine, much better than my Spanish.

Actually the problem is a bit more serious than my joke about discrimination. As long as men are allowed to not feel responsible for their actions then HIV/AIDS will continue to spread in Africa.

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