It’s raining again

26 08 2008

Gathering stormIt’s definitely the rainy season now, it rains most days and my garden has gone from desert to swamp in about 4 months (and a jungle swamp part of the time). Tamale feels lush, green and squelchy as well as being uncomfortably humid, albeit with lower temperatures than February. Travelling to Bolga shows vast areas that seem to be lake unless you remember February, but fortunately so far the flooding hasn’t done significant damage this year, unlike last August when several people died and towns were flooded. Side effects of all this water is a big increase in mosquitoes and people saying how much I must like the wet, grey weather being from England, even other volunteers. But I like it hot and sunny!

Mind you, I’ve had water flowing from the taps pretty much permenantly since the rains started.

[29 Aug 2008 – I tempted fate. Water has been a proble since posting this]




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