An interesting question

18 08 2008

Last week I was stopped by a Ghanaian as I walked down the street and asked a question. Now this in itself isn’t that strange, I quite often get stopped to be asked where I’m from, whether I can be a friend and occasionally for money or food. This time the chap looked at me and asked what the word was for the phenomenon where you see spots of dancing lights in front of your eyes when you’ve been hit. I had to plead ignorance.

[I was kindly provided with the correct answer in the comments]




7 responses

18 08 2008

ha ha.

18 08 2008

Hmm – I know what causes it (pressure hitting the visual cortex of your brain and stimulating the cells there!) but I can’t remember a specific word for it. Try asking a neurologist perhaps….!!

18 08 2008
The Doctor

Is it a ‘Phosphene’?

19 08 2008
Tim Little

Looks like “The Doctor” is right:

19 08 2008
Verity Lewis

Isn’t it just “seeing stars” ??

19 08 2008
Tim Little

To be pedantic “Seeing Stars” is two words and phosphene is quite satisfying to know.

19 08 2008

Bother! That was a word I should have known…………..

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