Ten things I’ve learnt

14 08 2008

I wrote this back in May but didn’t post it as I wasn’t sure about its “preachy” style. Decided to go ahead anyway.

1) Just how very, extremely, exceptionally fortunate the developed world really is, and the massive responsibility that implies
2) It’s all about people; they’re what makes things work (or not), they’re the reason it matters that things work and they’re what’s valuable, not possessions
3) There’s less hurry than you realise. Sometimes the wait is an important part of the journey
4) Access and Excel are excellent products for the right problem
5) Even the poor can be happy, contented and enjoy life, but that’s no substitute for decent health care or educational opportunities
6) The world’s poorest are utterly destitute through no fault of their own. They are the truly deserving poor.
7) That I’m more resourceful, patient, better with people and better at communicating than I thought
8 ) That Larium effects short term memory
8 ) That Larium effects short term memory
9) How important water is, and how easy life is when all the utilities are working efficiently
10) That Africa’s problems are incredibly complex and difficult, without easy or glib solutions, but they are for Africa to solve. The responsibility of the developed world is to stop being a part of those problems and to offer whatever assistance is both wanted and not counter-productive




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