A visit to the dentist

23 07 2008

On Monday night a large chunk of a filling fell out of one of my back teeth while I was eating. As a result I found myself wandering around Tamale Teaching Hospital on Tuesday morning looking for the dentist. Now I’m not sure what sort of reputation dentists have in Ghana but Tamale’s hospital has put them in an unmarked building at the back of the hospital behind a door without any sign on it*. Fortunately (a) I speak English, (b) Ghanaians speak English and (c) Ghanaians can be extremely friendly and helpful when eventually I suspended my male pride and actually asked for directions.

Once I’d located the dentist, filled in the appropriate paperwork, paid a small fee and waited a lot less time than I would have in England I was seen by the dentist. The actual consultation was quick, efficient and painless. Because my gum was slightly inflamed he gave me a temporary filling and asked me to come back Friday, when I suspect there will be actual injections and drilling.

To add to the mood it rained all Tuesday morning and I got back to work slightly bedraggled and a little muddy.

*For the optometrist whom I know reads this, the eye clinic has a big sign outside and is very easy to find




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28 07 2008

looking for Hugh can you help me

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