Searching for Tim

20 06 2008

The ten most common search terms people use to find my blog are:

1) tim in tamale (and variations on my name)
         which is gratifying.
2) openoffice base vs access
    I must disappoint the nerds
3) china vs India
Some people seem touchy on this subject, I wrote a post last summer comparing the countries
4) office work
5) chihuly glass
   Finds a post on the exhibition in Kew in 1995
6) budapest
7) ghana
As I would expect
8 ) giles bolton
I wrote a review of his book that people seem eager to read. Other authors I’ve mentioned are used in searches quite a lot
9) poor story
The title of Giles Bolton’s book.
10) harborne hall
The only reference to anything VSO in the top 10

I’m a bit surprised at the lack of VSO searches. Oh well.




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