Ten more things and another trip to Accra

30 05 2008

Since my big brother (and sister) seems to like them I’ve decided to do another “ten things” list. It’s sort of one of the ones he suggested. Ten things I wish I’d been (able) to bring:

  1. More knowledge of computer basics, including MS Office, simple XP sys-admin stuff and antivirus battling
  2. More confidence and initiative in dealing with people
  3. About 60 Fray Bentos tinned steak and kidney pies (with flaky pastry)
  4. An oven to cook the pies in
  5. Answers to some difficult questions, like how to respond to genuine beggars and whether I’m doing any good or am simply part of the problem
  6. Thousands of litres of water
  7. The contents of a decent bookshop (Amazon does deliver here but it’s not the same)
  8. A telescope (or even binoculars) for exploring the night sky. Thank you Bridget for the star guide
  9. Lights, reflective top and other cycling stuff
  10. A small projector for training (and watching movies – some external speakers for the laptop would have been good too)

Actually I could easily have added to the list and I’m sure my fellow vols could make some suggestions.

I spent most of this week in Accra visiting my friends Steve and Dean who’ll be leaving Ghana at the end of June so this was my last chance to see them for quite a while; I’ll really miss them and wish them all the best.

I took the opportunity to explore Accra a bit more, I got to more than the just the Mall of Accra this time, as well as buying a new pair of glasses since I’ve despaired of the spare pair my sister posted in early March ever reaching me. My friend Penny might be interested to know that the optician had worked in the UK and the eye test was indistinguishable from one in the UK. The optician even said that she might use the photo she took of the back of my eye (fundus, fungus? I wasn’t quite sure what she said) as her screen-saver since it was such a perfect specimen. I’ll add that to my list of slightly odd complements I’ve received over the years. A speedy service means I’m now the proud owner of a pair of photo-chromatic glasses – really useful here as I was continually swapping glasses as I went from gloomy offices to glaring tropical sunshine.





One response

31 05 2008
Penny Small

Hey! If they worked as an optometrist in the UK they have to be be properly qualified, otherwise it’s illegal!! So no wonder you got a good test ;-) I sincerely hope it was your fundus she photographed and not fungus in your eye – that would be a cause for concern! Glad you’ve got some decent new glasses. Even here it’s so bright outside in the middle of the day that coming in from our south facing yard into the darker house renders me almost blind for a couple of minutes as I readjust to the light level! Must be even more where you are being closer to the equator and all that! Have a good weekend! Penny

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