Ten things I like about being in Ghana

21 05 2008

Ten things I like about being here inGhana:

  1. The people – friendly, relaxed and contented
  2. The weather – totally committed, when it’s hot the skies are blue and the sun fierce, when its raining it really rains with a passion
  3. The vibrant chaotic liveliness here
  4. The lack of in your face commercialism
  5. The sense of being connected to reality, in all its grittiness, rather than living life in a sterile compartments
  6. The colours; bright, cheerful and confident
  7. The pace of life
  8. Cycling to work and feeling fitter, lighter and healthier than I have for ages
  9. The individuality in places, the lack of identical chain stores
  10. Meeting committed, interesting colleagues and vols who want to make the world a better place rather than themselves richer



5 responses

21 05 2008
Penny Small

Whatever are you going to do after this??? Can’t somehow see you settling happily back into London corporate life!

22 05 2008
Tim Little

I’m not sure either. I can’t see myself going back to being crammed on the tube with a flock of corporate wage slaves. I’ll probably look for a job with a small company in Sussex.

23 05 2008

What about doing 10 things I wish I had brought with me but, couldn’t fit in the suitcase or even 10 things I was told I’d need but wish I had left behind? For future volunteers.

28 05 2008
Ellen Cranton

How about doing a list of 10 ways this experience has changed your life?

13 06 2008

:) Number nine is something i DONT like about my country…

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