Thunder and Lightning

22 04 2008

There’ve been a couple of electrical storms in the last few days, and when the electricity is in the air very little seems to be in the cables. But the sheer amount of electricity that is in the air is awesome. Often the storm starts in the distance, with the occasional flash in the clouds near the horizon. Slowly the flashes spread until almost continuously there’s a glow of lightning somewhere on the horizon. Gradually, over an hour or two, the flashes grow bigger, and are joined by what starts as low rumbles but grows into great rolling explosions of noise. Just before the rain starts a huge, swirling, wind starts rattling the trees and gates and throwing leaves dancing into the air accompanied by the unmistakable smell of rain. Finally the rain starts, often in huge torrents, sometimes (on Friday for example) travelling almost horizontally. All the time the thunder and lightning are providing a spectacular display. The last two storms have been accompanied by lengthy power cuts which heightens the sense of theatre, as a guttering candle seems sadly insignificant next to the glory in the skies.





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