Celebrating St Patrick in Navrongo

22 03 2008

The most charitable thing that can be said about my dancing is that it’s enthusiastic. A more honest appraisal would describe it as arrhythmic spasms that constitute a risk to myself and anyone within 3 metres.  Last Saturday night saw me posing such a risk to a number of my fellow volunteers who had gathered in Navrongo to celebrate St Patrick’s day with a smallish Irish contingent based there. Volunteers from across the north of Ghana were partying, including representatives of the Peace Corps and an Irish Catholic charity as well as VSOs and Ghanaians who worked in the local Catholic school.

I was in the area anyway as I’d been working in Bolga presenting an initial version of a database I’m working on that should allow ISODEC to track about 1000 school children (mostly girls) who receive aid to encourage them to attend school. I’m fairly pleased with it and it seemed to go down well.

It was really great to go up to Bolga and Navrongo as there is quite a contingent of VSOs in the Upper East region so I was able to catch up, share our experiences and generally gossip. I also got to meet some of the new vols.




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1 07 2009
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