Buying water

26 02 2008

PolytankI bought 1000 Litres of water today. I’ve never bought that much water in one go before. At least I think it was 1000 Litres, the guys filled my polytank pretty quickly. My water situation had been too good to last – water continuously available for nearly 5 weeks, and then last Thursday the shower was dry. Fortunately I’d been sensible to keep reserves but it was still back to bucket baths and rationed flushing. I thought I’d give Tamale’s water system a chance, plus I spent the weekend in Salaga, but this morning I resolved to resolve the situation and lunchtime found me trying to persuade a water tanker driver to fill me up, via an interpreter. When the tractor towing a bowser arrived this afternoon I felt uncomfortably ostentatious with water pumping into a large tank for me while my neighbours have to walk a mile or two to fetch water, generally carrying it on their heads, because the local standpipes that they would usually use are also dry.




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