A quiet week

10 02 2008

It’s been a fairly quiet week this, the only native fauna I’ve seen have been the usual geckos, goats and guinea fowls. Even the joy of watching Ghana beat Nigeria Sunday evening was dissipated by the disappointment of seeing them knocked out by Cameroon. Ironically the two final matches that everyone predicted for the cup of nations were reversed. Ghana met Ivory last night to determine who would get third and fourth places while Egypt meet Cameroon tonight.

In the mean time I’ve been plugging away at work and battling my bike. I’ve never known so many problems from a single bicycle. The biggest problem has been my rear tyre, but even my bell has been problematic. After getting it patched for the third or fourth time in a week I decided to finally replace the rear inner tube. Despite everything I really enjoy having a bike when it works, although I do stop every few kilometres now to check the tyres.

Work has been progressing. I was even able to get a few hours with most of the staff on Friday to hold some training and discuss and agree an approach to a folder structure. Hopefully I’ll leave ISODEC a little more efficient and organised with their approach to information generally and computer files in particular.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of reading; I’ve finished “The Kite Runner”, which is excellent, and have started a history tome “The Scramble for Africa” leant to me by Steve (who is a genuine historian). I’ve also been working my way through Chinua Achebe’s works. Well worth a read. And I have finally actually bought some of the knock-off DVDs hawked by the side of the road, so something of a cowboy fest on the laptop last week.




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