22 01 2008

A couple of the trees in my garden are bearing a kind of pod like fruit at the moment which the local children seem wild about. They mount small raids into over the wall to gather as many of these pods as they can, often climbing into one of the trees to pluck them directly from the branches. I don’t mind this, but the completion of my gate (complete with padlock) has prevented some of the smallest from easy access to their chosen fruit. And the smallest really are small, probably about three years old trailing behind older siblings. All tend to be fairly raggedly dressed but are polite and friendly. When they started stealing my fruit they ran away from me, but now they wave and say “Hello Obruni, good afternoon”.  One tiny tot even rushed over and hugged my legs one as I was going through the gate one afternoon.

This has been a quiet weekend, leaving me no excuse for avoiding my domestic chores. So I’ve burnt my rubbish, washed and ironed my clothes and even swept the main rooms. Given the dust situation here sweeping the house is potentially a Sisyphean task, but unlike Sisyphus I’m happy enough to leave that particular boulder at the bottom of the hill occasionally, actually mostly, no domestic goddess I.  Matthew, my older brother, would really not cope here. A life long martyr to allergies the dust would destroy his fragile nasal cavity. Having not swept since before Christmas a small mountain of dust was removed and I remembered that there was a design on the living room floor.

Miraculously there has been at least one occasion in the last week that the water pressure has been enough to fill the “poly tank” in my garden. A poly tank is a large black cylindrical receptacle mounted on a plinth taller than the house that holds about 1000L of water to supply the house when the water main isn’t working. Given I’ve been making a 100L bin last a week the polytank should last me a while. Of course the fact that I can now shower every morning and wash up (and therefore cook) means that I’m using more water than I did when all I had was a bucket, but even so I’m hopeful that I my water issues may be (at least temporarily) solved. The fact that the increased pressure coincided with the African Cup, and that there are quite a lot of hotels around me full of tourists etc makes me a little dubious about how long the situation will last. Still, I’ve been able to shower every morning and cook every night for a week so I’m not complaining.




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