A cycling Obruni

16 01 2008

Bike TimA pedal fell off my bike while I was cycling home Saturday night. In some ways it was probably a blessing because the dynamo wasn’t working and I was cycling home in the dark without lights while wearing a black t-shirt. But both facts, plus the slow leak from the rear tyre’s valve I discovered after getting the pedal fixed on Sunday were made more disappointing by the fact it’s a brand new bike bought (and serviced) Saturday afternoon.

Despite my monopedal interlude I’m pleased to be amongst the ranks of the cycling obronis*, and I promise, Mum, to try to avoid cycling down unlit streets in the dark until I have a working light. Actually they are putting a lot of street lighting in for the Africa cup so my journey home from work is now brightly lit to almost my house. Unfortunately this seems to have had the effect of increasing the number of short power cuts while they connect the street lights to the mains. Anyway, back to the bike. It’s a classic spinster single gear sit up and beg complete with basket in front. The bike is a nice shade of silver.

Work gave everyone a guinea fowl for Christmas. Fortunately for me this happened while I was away so one of my colleagues killed and prepared mine, so I was presented with a defrosting plucked fowl in a plastic bag on Tuesday. I boiled it for 30 minutes and plan to make a risotto using the stock and meat.

When I got back from Christmas the area I live in had been without water for 4 weeks. A little concerned I contacted my landlord (who kindly came around with 2 barrels of water) and VSO. Obviously no sooner than I had initiated all this activity water started flowing from my taps again. In fact last weekend not only was there enough water pressure for me to shower after pushing my bike home, there was also enough to fill the 100 litre water tank in my garden, giving me enough water for (hopefully) a week of showering!

*Obroni is the Ghanaian word for white person which occasionally gets shouted at you. More common in the south it is heard occasionally in Tamale – I was greeted with “Good evening Mr Obroni” the other night.




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