Less weighty matters

18 12 2007

A year or so ago I was in a “revolution”, a bar in London’s west end, with a couple of friends when conversation came around to my love life, or rather the lack of it. They indicated that true love was the only source of happiness and that no self respecting girl would possibly look at me while I was such a fatty. OK, technically not exactly what they said but definitely what I heard. Well in the last three months my waistline has become several inches smaller, to the extent that if it carries on at this rate I’ll need to invest in a new belt at the very least to avoid embarrassment. Not that any self respecting girls look at me anyway (nor, indeed, girls lacking self respect). I suspect that that may now be due to my frugal washing regime and utter uselessness at wooing. And even after my weight loss I’m still hardly svelte. Mind you, I don’t feel overly unhappy.

There is a lot more smoke around Tamale at the moment. I’m not sure exactly why but the locals seem to be burning off undergrowth. This adds to the Harmattan haze in the evenings and leaves a lingering smell of smoke.

I’ve got used to the goats, chickens and guinea fowl in my garden but a couple of nights ago I was woken by the noisy snuffling of pigs and I have cows grazing around my house at the moment.

And now I’m at the beginning of a 3 week holiday and am travelling down to Cape Coast via Kumasi tomorrow for a week. There should a whole bunch of VSOs near there so hopefully it’ll be fun. I won’t be taking my laptop but there ought to be decent internet access so I should be able to carry on blogging.




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