A brief round up

11 12 2007

I’ve had a busy few days, going up north to Bolgatanga (Bolga) and Navrongo and being taxied around on the backs of motorbikes.  I know what I want for Christmas now, a motorbike*. The freedom is fantastic, as is being out with the air and sun on your skin (sadly not hair as VSO are rather strict concerning helmets, killjoys). Agneiszka took me out to see Tono dam, which is one of the most peaceful and pretty places I’ve seen in Ghana. I took a few photos which I’ll stick on Flickr over time.

We also went to Paga, which is right on the Bukina Faso border. They have tame sacred crocodiles in Paga which you can stroke if you pay the guide enough and sacrifice a chicken. We didn’t.

Bolga and Navrongo are more Christian than Tamale so I got my first evidence of Christmas – a reggae version of “White Christmas” that is so inappropriate in north Ghana that is passes from Kitsch, through politically incorrect, past musically dubious and back to kitsch in a single leap.

Saturday night was Lyndal’s birthday party. This was great fun and a chance to meet some of my fellow volunteers again. Steve and Dean are back up from Accra and brought me some cheese so I’ve had bread and cheese for lunch two days running!

I also did some work on Thursday in Bolga (Friday was a holiday here, Farmers day) and have a chunk of work to do now.

And now I just have until the end of this week until ISODEC break up for Christmas. Three weeks off to explore Ghana.

*Actually I also want a proper shave with hot water. And some nice person to renew my Flickr-pro account because Yahoo have taken a dislike to my bank card. A decent gin and tonic wouldn’t go amiss either. [Update – paypal worked]




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