A Typical Tamale Morning

2 12 2007

I’m first awoken at 4.30am by the call to prayer issuing from local mosques. I mutter, roll over and try to get back to sleep, ignoring seemingly devout cockerels joining in. By 6am light is streaming into my bedroom and usually a goat is bleating loudly outside my window and birds are twittering away. So I admit defeat and haul myself out of bed. Actually just after dawn is the best time of the day; the light is fantastic and it’s still relatively cool.
I clean my teeth using dribbles of purified water from a bottle (assuming water is off – a fairly safe assumption) and then measure 5 mugfulls of water into a washing up bowl. I use this to wash myself. Now (moderately) clean I dress and progress to the kitchen where I prepare my coffee and porridge, made with water as decent milk is impossible to get, stirring and shaving electrically. I may have a glass of fruit juice too. While the porridge cools I iron a shirt for the day. Over breakfast I’ll either read or write, depending on whether I’ve got a book on the go. If the computer is on I’ll probably listen to tinny music through the built in speakers.

Between 7.45 and 8 I’ll leave the house and catch a “share taxi”. Sometimes the taxis seem to spot me almost before I’ve left the house and toot to hurry me along. Other times I have a bit of a wait. Once in work I start by checking my emails, facebook and blog stats – still the narcissist.


My London morning was described here




One response

6 12 2007
Celeste Jeter

Hi Tim,
I’ve been reading of your exploits since June and Yvonne visited in Sept. Glad you are adjusting gracefully to a very different life. Do you find your simpler life more agreeable than that in London? Or are the stresses just different?

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