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17 11 2007

I’ve not had decent internet access this week, so the piece I’ve written for the VSO office (6 things about Tamale I wish I’d known before I got here)  will stay on my memory stick.  Instead I’ll write a few notes in an internet cafe.

1) Harmattan is starting.  At the moment it just feels a little overcast during the day and misting in the evenings. It is getting hotter during the day though and the darkness at night is thicker.

2) I had ICT part 2 last week. This was in Tamale and I felt pleased to show off my new home town to volunteers from across Ghana. The 2  days were a bit of a chance to share problems and challenges but we ended by each giving a positive experience of Ghana. Thanks Helen for suggesting that

3) My water tank has been mounted on a platform but not connected to the mains, so I’m still subject to random water availability.

4) Work is going well. I’ve taken Matt’s advice and tried to stop doing anything but learn.  I will try to write up more about work sometime

5) I managed to buy a book last week – “Ant hills of the Savannah” by Chinua Achebe. Very good (I’ve finished it).

6) Mum’s parcel arrived so I have 3 more books and know that the address works – although the Amazon package has disappeared.

7) I’m generally well and happy and getting used to being here.




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