Salaga trip

23 10 2007

I went to visit my friends Marco, Helen and Vicky in the small town of Salaga at the weekend.  I was up at 3am to get into own for the 5am bus (which left at 5.45).  As we left the heavens opened and I could have been on a bus in England, with the windows misted up and rain beating down. Mind you, no bus in England would have been blaring out African tribal music.

I had a great time in Salaga.  Marco, Helen and Vicky are teachers, really great fun and very surprising characters.  Helen and Vicky watched the rugby at their headmaster’s house leaving Marco and I to prepare dinner.  Marco (as suggested by the name) is Italian, and it turns out, was a chef for a short while.  So I will admit he did most of the cooking and I was relegated to peeling yams.  The meal was fantastic, but we ate late and then chatted and had a few G & Ts.  It was 3am again before I got to bed.  A few hours later I was back on the bus to Tamale feeling a little fragile, but extremely grateful for a wonderful weekend.  Salaga is really small and very rural, apparently they’ve had chickens, goats and a bat in the classroom.

p.s. On the things I forgot post I didn’t mention that I’m regretting not bringing a proper tin opener.  I’m getting better at using the Swiss army knife – but it ain’t pretty.  And I’m glad I brought a torch.




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