Things I wish I brought and things I probably didn’t need to.

19 10 2007

Things I probably didn’t need to bring:
  * £3 worth of Marks and Spencers vouchers
  * My RAC membership card
  * The key to my Mum’s front door
  * A USB wireless adapter
  * A set of Chinese DVDs that won’t play

Things I vaguely regret not bringing:
  * Series 2 and 3 of Black Books
  * The rest of the Jeeves and Wooster DVDs
  * Books
  * More rechargeable batteries

Things I’m glad I did bring:
  * Ear plugs
  * An electric razor
  * Waterless hand wash stuff

Other notes: 

My  water situation is a lot better.  I have rapidly flowing water in the evening when I get home from work, and this seems to slowly peter out until there is none again by 6.30a.m. Not sure when it comes back on.  However I’m even able to shower in the evening and I wash etc in the morning before 6.30.  I’ve replenished my reserves and filter litres and litres of drinking water.

I’m visiting friends in Salaga this weekend. It’s a town of about 2,000 people 2 -3 hours bus ride south of Tamale.  I aim to catch the 5a.m. bus Saturday morning if I can find a taxi that early in the morning to take me to the bus station.




2 responses

19 10 2007
Richard Atkinson

Sorry Tim, but I am only just resisting commenting inappropriately on the improvement of your water flow.
In Koff-town we can only manage once a week.

19 10 2007
Tim Little

Sorry if I upset you, I do realise how lucky I am as quite a bit of Tamale is still only getting water Tuesday mornings midnight to 6am. My house is very close to a barracks so the area gets preferential treatment. I put the update note in because a friend in the UK expressed concern. I hadn’t realised things were bad in the south too.

Hope things are generally going well despite that.

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