10 10 2007

Small bars here are called “spots”
Many spots are actually converted shipping containers
Many spots play the radio through big sound systems
You can buy spirits in individual plastic “sachets”
“Small small” has many meanings, but basically means either little or “one step at a time”
“I go come” means that I’m popping out but will come back
There are about 56 languages spoken in Ghana, English is used as a common language but most people seem to speak several local languages too
You burn your garbage here as there isn’t any municipal collection (or your kind neighbours burn it for you)
Restaurants are sometimes referred to as chops
Lake Volta is the largest man made lake in the world.  It’s supposed to produce limitless cheap electricity for Ghana.  It doesn’t.
Buses don’t leave until they’re full, no matter how long that takes.  Schedule, what schedule?
Silence doesn’t seem to exist here, when humans stop making noise nature more than compensates.
During Ramadan Muslims pray all night some nights.  And amplify their prayers electronically.  I’m glad I brought ear plugs
Ghanaians are football mad.  The sports pages are largely dedicated to the English premiership.
Ghana will be hosting the Africa cup next year.  Tamale is one of the towns chosen to host and has a brand spanking new football stadium, but still no reliable water supply system.  I’m not freaking out about the water situation, honest.  OK, just a bit.
Tamale taxi drivers are extremely honest.  As are most Ghanaians, but I’m most impressed by the taxi drivers as globally that aren’t a famously honest bunch.
People really do carry everything on their heads.  I’ve seen a sewing machine on someone’s head, and incredibly someone on a motorbike driving one handed while balancing a table on is head with the other.
Mosquitoes don’t like my taste, but the feeling is mutual




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