I’m finally in Tamale

28 09 2007

After an epic 17 hour bus ride we pulled into Tamale at midnight last night.  Unfortunately the bus was unable to get into the hotel car park so we had to lug luggage across Somme-like territory to get them safely into the the foxholes that were our rooms.

This morning I was taken to the ISODEC office in Tamale and met a couple of members of staff (and a one of their baby daughters who took a liking to me, not yet one so no accounting for taste).  They seem very nice and also very professional.  They kindly lent Lyndal and I their driver for a bit to take us into town to do some shopping.  This is vital for me as the house I’ve been given is brand spanking new.  So new in fact that the builders are still constructing the parimeter wall and haven’t finished the wiring or plumbing.  I do have running water in in the main bathroom (although not in my en-suite bathroom) and electricity in most of the house.  I also have about 5 spare bedrooms(I lost count).  At the moment the furniture consists of my bed, a fridge, a table and some living room furniture.  No wardrobe, shelves or drawers at all.  I’ll be living out of my suitcase for a bit longer.

My first impressions of Tamale are positive, I’ll write more when I get a better internet connection.




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