Safe Arrival

18 09 2007

Well, I’m here in Accra and meeting some of the people who existed only electronically until Monday.  There were quite a contingent of us on the flight Sunday, and I was able to meet up with a few other volunteers at the airport.

My first impressions of Ghana are postive.  The people really are incredibly friendly, although I think they’re trying to feed me to death.  The food is great and more than plentiful.  The weather is almost perfect, this is the cool season in Accra and the best time to visit.  I haven’t seen a great deal of the town itself, although I’m shuttled to and from the hotel I’m staying in to the hotel most of the other volunteers are staying in each morning and evening.  Not sure why I’ve been exciled.  We also visited the VSO office.

what I’ve seen of Accra so far strikes me as flat and spread out with low detached buildings surrounded by baked earth.  There is quite a bit of greenery, lots of palm trees plus exotic birds and butteflies.  Not too many mosquitoes so far.

I will update this (hopefully with photos) but I need to get back to my “In Country Training”.




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