eBay Fraud!

9 09 2007

I’ve now had 3 attempts at eBay auctions and so far totally failed to get rid of anything.  My latest attempt, mind you, involved a modicum of excitement.  I decided to have a punt at getting rid of one of my stereos (a mini-system) and with one day left had seen no bids.  On the last day a flurry of bids reached my reserve price of £50.  Moderately pleased I awaited the buyer to contact me.  After a while I received an email purporting to be from PayPal saying that £150 had been put in escrow and awaited my posting the stereo to Nigeria.  I was a touch confused for three reasons:  I’d specified the winner would need to collect (and Nigeria is a long way to collect from), The winning bid was £50 not £150 and finally the email was clearly spoofed – the actual sender email address was NOT PayPal but customerprotections@accountant.com .  I forwarded the email to spoof@paypal.com who confirmed it was a spoof and eBay refunded me all my auction costs.  They acted extremely quickly, within a few hours everthing was resolved.  That said I won’t be using eBay again in a hurry.




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10 09 2007
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Submited post on PressPosts.com – “eBay Fraud!”

10 09 2007
Tim Little

I’ve had another email from “PayPal” (not). The level of English is incredible, it says:

“Dear Tim Little,

We have received the money and we will like you to provide us with the following information as requested by Paypal to protect their customer from fraudulent business transaction. Kindly make the shipment progress within 24 hours or we continue to hold payment pending as we can not accommodate any form of misappropriations and You has a reputation to protect and we do all that is possible to increase our business relationship with the international Paypal, Worldwide As soon as you notify us about the package shipping progress, we shall deposit the money into your account immediately.

Thanks for your cooperation and Best Regards.

PayPal Team. “

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