It seemed like a good idea at the time

8 09 2007

attic1.jpgJust over a year ago I was feeling a bit bored and directionless so I decided to explore the options for changing my life.  Amongst other things I sent my CV to recruitment agencies and signed up for the first module of a masters degree with the open university.  The other thing I did, more out of curiosity than anything else, was to fill in the application form on the VSO website (and collared a couple of friends to act as referees).

A couple of weeks later I got a letter from VSO saying that my skills didn’t fit their current needs.  I thought nothing of it and got on with my job search and OU course.  Then it arrived.  The letter from VSO saying they’d reassessed and wanted me to come in.  So on December 7th 2006 I went down to Putney and spent a day being made to participate in group exercises and an hour long interview followed by about two weeks of being on tenterhooks. 

The journey since then has gone from “What the hell have I done?” to “Hmm, this could be really good” through “When will I know where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing” past “This is what I really want to do” and into “Oh s**t I need to pull my finger out and start packing”.  And now I’ll be boarding a plane a week tomorrow with a bunch of other volunteers and flying due south to Accra. 

It’s getting a bit more real, but I still have tonnes to do and my flat is still a bit of a building site.  I have loads of stuff still to pack but I think I’ve dealt with most of the bureaucratic & medical stuff and I have a buyer for my car. I even went for a meal at a Ghanaian restaurant last night.   I have 8 days left of packing, saying goodbye, panicking and generally finishing stuff off.  This phase feels a bit like what I imagine the lead up to a wedding is like, concentrating on the day itself with no time to think what life will be like afterwards.

I still think this is what I really want to do.  The next phase begins on Sunday September 16th.




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18 09 2007
Claire Wright, nee Isaacs (!)

Hi Tim, if it’s anything like planning for a wedding, you will currently still be in a state shock, but quite enjoying it all. Oh, and you’ll be horribly jet-lagged from the honeymoon!

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