Things I suspect I’ll miss and things I won’t

28 08 2007

Back in February, on my first VSO course, we were asked to list the things we thought that we’d miss when were overseas.  I can’t remember what I wrote then, but closer to the reality of it I thought I’d list both the things in my current life I think I’ll miss (maybe I won’t) and the things I’ll be glad to be shot of.  Maybe I’ll update them once I’ve been in country for a while to see how accurate they are.

FriendsFriends.  Although hopefully some will keep in touch, and I’m looking forward to making new ones.  In fact I’ve already met some of my fellow volunteers, either electronically or on courses.

CeilidhCeilidhs (Scottish dancing).  I’ll miss the chaos of people trying to follow the instructions while moving to wild Scottish music.  The best fun in the world, and Kirsteen has given me CD to remind me.

OsteriaVariety of food.  I live within walking distance of a fantastic variety of restaurants.  I’ll miss being able to pick and choose what I want to eat, Chinese one night, Italian another. — Added 3 sept — And CHEESE.

Radio 4.  Ah radio 4, John Humpheys irritating me in the morning and “Just a Minute” amusing me at night.

BookshelfBooks. Not just my books, but the ease of having bookshops nearby and Amazon to deliver. 

Harveys bitterBeer.  Proper English beer; warm, flat and oh so yummy.

[photo to be chosen]London.  The sheer vibrancy and excitement.  The museums, theatres and parks.  The granduer of the buildings.


And what I will be glad to put some distance away

Jubilee LineCommuting.  Jamming myself onto the Jubilee line in conditions that would be illegal for cattle.

Crowded barPub chains.  Zillions of people all trying to drink in the same bar, and to shout their conersations over music played far to loudly while drinking vastly overpriced, gassy lager chilled beyond taste.

OfficeDull office work in a dull, grey office.  I’ll miss my friends though.

Grey weather.  Nuff said.

[photo to be chosen]London.  The squalidness of it.  The crowds of lonely people.  The isolation amongst 7 million.  The rudeness and the greed.

And probably other stuff too.




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24 02 2008
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[…] to ask the question, “What do I actually miss from the UK?” Before I left I posted a blog on what I expected to miss. Now I’m here I don’t pine too much for anything in particular, but occasionally I wistfully […]

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