23 08 2007

DecorationI’m doing reasonably well at progressing through my lists, although I do feel a bit flustered.  In fact I missed my dentist appointment this morning because I thought it was this afternoon.  Actually it feels like most if the week has been spent meeting professionals of one sort or another so it may have been my subconscious rebelling.  The time that hasn’t been spent talking to lawyers/estate agents/doctors/travel nurses has been spent dealing with the decorators, clearing rooms in my flat so they don’t have to paint around pictures and furniture, or else I’ve been filling in dull forms.  Thankfully I have managed to socialise a bit – I had a great meal in “Fish” in Borough market and went down to my sister’s Tuesday night (my solicitor is in Newhaven).  And I even managed to be picked on by a comedian at the banana caberet in Balham Saturday night.

This paragraph is going to be a bit listy, so skip if easily bored.  In terms of my lists I have now got a solicitor drafting power of attorney for my sister and my last will and testament, I’ve got a queue of eager estate agents slicking back their oily hair in anticipation of getting my business renting my flat out.  I have also sent in my self assessment and filled in innumerable forms telling the tax man that I’ll be abroad next year but will be a landlord in the UK and that a firm of accountants will deal with my business.  Oh, and commissioned said accountants.  I have put my car on ebay so await with trepidation the sale.

The arrival of the decorators means that my packing of my house has started a little earlier than planned, I’ve put some stuff in the loft already and some down to my sister’s.  Medically I’ve only got one rabies jab left to get (and no, that aren’t horrible or in the stomach, just ordinary injections).  I’ve got a prescription for 6 months worth of Larium (whacky dreams here I come) and ought to start taking them soon.  I also got to see a doctor about my shoulder pain – not RSI just normal back stuff.  Now I just need a dentist to give me the all clear (for my teeth, not my back).

Now I need to decide which denizen of darkness gets to locate my tenants, tell the various financial organisations that have their claws into my money that I’ll be abroad, cancel car insurance and RAC membership (I don’t think they operate in Ghana), change my contents insurance and then all I’ll have left to do is pack up my flat and decide what to take with me.  i.e. the really scary stuff.

p.s. Anyone want a nice 2004 reg silver Clio?




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24 08 2007

Hi, Looks like you’re almost set for Tamale. Just want to comment on what to bring stuff. Although you probably have a list by now. I just suggest you just bring the essentials..(that would fit the luggage allowance!) That is a pair or two of the things you are used to. It will keep you just fine while adjusting to new things here in Ghana. Sunscreen and shampoo are limited here and may not be of good quality aside from being a bit expensive than back home. That’s all for now. I sent you a message at facebook so feel free to ask me questions about Tamale.

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